Trois Fontaine Carp Fishing in the Main Lake

The main lake consists of 21 acres, of which 15 acres will be fished, and makes an ideal location for your carp fishing holiday in France. The remaining water is being used to raise our own future stocking carp.

We have no records of the original carp stock but these are being caught with the new fish we put in. We were told there were carp of 25 kilos (55lb) by the previous owners and judging by the enormous sploshes and showings we have seen, there is no reason to dispute this!

The main lake was stocked with over a ton of the Royal strain of carp from mid twenties to a massive 52lb in 2007 and, while the total number is unknown, the catch rate has shown that there are an impressive number of carp in the main lake alone.

Pete with his first brace at Trois Fontaine

This lake was fished by Lee of Basingstoke Angling Centre and his fishing partner Pete who caught between them 1058 pounds of fish in 4 days, only one being a re-catch. Pete achieved his all time ambition to catch two fish together so we have put this on the gallery to spread his fame!

The fishing can be very hectic when the shoals move over your bait and Lee had to bring in his rods on the first night as he was desperately in need of sleep and his Delkims just would not stop!

If you are looking for the sort of dream lake that blends great fishing with all the features that you look for on a venue, then look no further. Trois Fontaine's Main Lake gives you everything you could ever want with the addition of a great location, easy reach of the channel ports and very helpful and friendly management.

Trois Fontaine Main Lake map and swims

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