Carp Fishing Holidays at Trois Fontaine

Main Lake at Trois Fontaine

If your idea of a great French Carp Fishing Holiday venue is a reed fringed, historic estate lake set amongst mature forest with beautiful features like lily pads, overhanging trees and reed beds, then look no further.

Trois Fontaine combines all of these features with awesome fishing for carp to over 50lb, sensible rules and space and tranquillity that is hard to find on any venue.

For peaceful surroundings, a natural environment and good fishing, Trois Fontaine is the perfect venue for your carp fishing holiday in France.

Mirror Carp of over 40lb are a common occurrence at Trois Fontaine, with a good chance of a 50lb+ specimen always on the cards, and the stock are piling on the weight year on year. We have carried out an extensive stocking program to complement the existing stock and we know that we have several 40's and the occasional 50 to crown the existing and introduced stock of 20's and 30's.

The fishing is perfect, with no poisson chat or crayfish to bother you, and the carp are still not used to being caught so, while not perhaps being easy :-), they are very catchable.

The natural surrounding give bags of features to fish to, from extensive lily beds to marginal rushes and fallen and overhanging trees, something for everyone regardless of style.

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The two lakes at Trois Fontaine consist of a 21 acre mature estate lake. The second smaller 2 plus acres lake was created over 30 years ago from the main lake and is therefore part of the original main Cassini lake. Although a smaller and easier area to fish, it provides a variety of fishing from feature rich margins to wide open vistas.

The larger lake is recorded as being in existence in 1833 but was originally created by the local monks centuries ago to breed carp for the table as were many of the best lakes in France. The carp are virgin fish as the lake has never been fished on a commercial basis by the previous French owners.

The rules are sensible and kept to a minimum as your enjoyment of the venue and the protection of the stock are our primary goals.

All of the swims are faced with timber and have plenty of space for your bivvy and rods and most will comfortably take more than one angler (some even have plenty of room for three or four anglers!), the location is breathtakingly beautiful and the carp fight like furies....

Check out our BLOG for more information about the venue and hints and tips on fishing Trois Fontaine.


The tranquillity and peace of the lake that comes with ancient waters and protected woodland has to be experienced to be appreciated.

Angler Playing Carp at Trois Fontaine

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Specimin Carp from Trois Fontaine

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